Sprint Tournaments is a new way to compete with other players and win various prizes. You do not need to register, just play for real money in any of sprint's slots and results will be tracked automatically.

How to play?

Rules of the Sprint:

  • Start and End: time period for the current tournament;
  • Min.stakes: the minimum amount of bet counted for a current tournament;
  • Spins to qualify: minimum number of spins you need to make;
  • Attempts: number of attempts player can make during the time of the tournament. The best result will be counted for Leaderboard;
  • The Winner: the way how winners will be defined. 

Terms of this sprint:

  • Scores: check how you will earn the score points, any multipliers available;
  • Spin count: terms of qualified spins calculation;
  • Prizes: the way of prizes will be credited to winners.

Players can track their current progress and best attempt in Sprint lobby. Note that you can reset your current attempt (by clicking "RESET" button) if you make 25 or more spins, but realize that you will not improve your best score.