Tournament Rules

Vibe Casino tournaments are the best way to try your luck without risking your own money! Compete other players and win various prizes. At the beginning of each tournament, you will receive the starting balance and you need to win as much as you can. Players with highest balances will be awarded free spins, Gold Coins and cash!


How to play?

In the tournament lobby, you will see upcoming tournaments and full details for each of them. The registration starts several hours before the actual starting time for most of the events. Once the tournament started, players need to click the "Play" button and the gameplay window will automatically open. You need to do at least the minimum required amount of spins with the bet you choose yourself. The goal is to finish the tournament with the highest balance you can, you can track your position and positions of the top players in the leaderboard. 

Once you did the desired amount of spins, you need to wait before the tournament time is over and prizes will be awarded automatically. If you did the maximum amount of spins, the tournament will be over for you, otherwise, you can come back and make additional spins to improve your result. 

Tournament types:

Freeroll - free to enter a tournament with free spins, Gold Coins or cash prize pool. 

Buy in tournaments - to participate in such tournament you need to pay to buy in: money or Gold Coins. The prize pool is the total amount of funds or Gold Coins collected from all participants. 

Guaranteed tournaments - same as buy-in tournaments, but with the guaranteed minimum prize pool.